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I forgot to add under Water:
Transfering water between a source and purifier, which generally occur together, would be less likely to result in poisoning if double-clicking weren’t mixed in to the routine.

Also, an example of the 3rd ‘rule’ on creating a new item:
Let’s say we want to be able to put seeds in the quick pad for planting. Currently, we would only be able to equip them for eating, since that is their special action.
What we would need is a new “sower” item that consumes a lot of seeds and has planting as its special action, with durability acting as seeds remaining. Likewise, fertiliser could have a “sprayer.” To make it more useful, it could perhaps combine both with some efficiency bonus, both in saving turns and consuming less fertiliser.
Unfortunately, the actual variety of plantables and fertilisers make this less straightforward in reality, but I hope it’s illustrative.