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This should be fixed before too many people get stubbornly attached to the current setup.

My solution divides actions as follows:

  • Double-click performs “special” actions.
  • Right-click performs item transfer between interfaces, including item drops to the ground, unless there is a cell-specific prohibition or alternative effect.
  • If an item’s actions cannot be aligned to these conventions, add a new craftable item that refactors the capabilities in a way that does.


  • Affixing is the special action of affixable objects.
  • Right-click NEVER affixes.
    Exceptions are the reason correct habits can’t form, causing misclicks with possibly bad consequences.
    Right-click to drop, allowing them to be dropped normally.


  • Eating/drinking is the special action of foods.
  • Right-click engages the environment in some way when applicable.

Right-click to fill when empty or pour when full if facing water, fire, or specific utilities.
Allowing water to be poured back is more reasonable than having to start a fire or drink it if you make a mistake.
It also prohibits accidentally throwing your container into the depths when intending to fill it.

Right-click to plant if facing suitable ground. To fertilize if facing plants.
It is worth recognising that planting has a very different in-game role from affixing utilities, especially in combat, even if it uses the same code.
Think of it instead as an environmental effect: Planting is to soil what pouring is to fire, and fertilising is to plants.
Being conceptually distinct allows correct intuitions to form.