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Fire in the hole!
More fire in the hole °_°!?
I did end up with all the leather armor I need. One piece for every part of my body… except for the still naked feet. Also all of my clothes are legendary and some ghosts doesn´t float between us anymore… just a coincidence ;D
I also have an additional armor for almost every part of my armor. So… right now I can do every battle and doesn´t have to worry about the durability that much anymore. My base defense is 8 (about 83% parrying) so I don´t get hit that often anymore anyway.
But there was an incident. In one of my two gardens a fire elemental popped up. But also an abberent firelemental °_°
A normal one is no big deal anymore. 4 damage per thrown item and even in melee I can get the job done quite fast. But an abberent…. oh damnit!
It blocks and burns my garden down but it is imprisoned and spents some light 😀
My 5th entrance, the way to the east where I hope to find that treasure chest is almost reached. I paved the way and put down about half of the needed heaps to make the way ghostsave.
But I started to think about what is left being able to stop me or at least put me into a “much more complicate situation”. The result is: an abberant time skitter. That monster would be a big harrasment to my efforts.
Everything else shouldn´t be a big deal. I have a lot of water. About 6 or 7 bottles. And I can hunt for food easily by killing some sharks or kraken.
My metabolism is quite good now. About 35. So I can be without food or water for quite some while too.
Next steps: straightening up some spots in my cave, paving the last tiles without cobblestone, kill the abberant fireelemental and reestablish the garden, secure the rest of the way to the 5th exit, open the exit, take a peek outside there, explore the way to the treasure chest, finally (common!!) connect the two entrances 1 and 4 with my moat.
Phuuu 🙂
A lot to do.