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Because I had to sleep a lot to get my HP back for some hunting and for some “poisondrinking” I didn´t develop that much.
I was able to dig through a smaller part of that huge mountain and make it ghostsave.
At the very next point I got problems. Several boglings. Boglings are not only able to deal a sever amount of damage but can also cause poison. At the point when I had some torniques and still material for more (or some shovels instead) I had no more problems with bleeding but still with poison. And now with some more HP than at the beginning the poison dealt much more damage. When I managed to kill a hobgoblin with stones by throwing hundreds of stones at him or when I killed a grey wolf or a bear I had something quite save to eat.
Even uncooked those meatpieces are quite save to consume. But they still make you thirsty and I had to drink a lot more.
Then there were fireelementals and ghosts 🙁
The ghosts were and still ARE a big problem. I can´t work properly to get the huge mountain carved out.
I can´t move outside that easily because they follow me as closely as they can.
I managed to make a virtitude out of my problem and started to run a garden. With cotton and onions mainly.
The I digged out a second one for redundance and maybe a bit for abundance ^^
It was still hard and I had to be careful at every step not being caught by any ghost not being able to retreat.

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