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Right now I am playing a game without rocks.

The biggest problem at the beginning was that I didn´t knew I wouldn´t have any rocks at the end. I was on a completly empty island. No rocks, no forest. I needed to run around for almost the whole daytime!!
In the end, when it began to become a bit darker I found a little forest and some miles in the north I found a little oasis with shallow freshwater. Situated between two sandrockformations. So… I had no rocks… but at least I had sandstone.
Sandstone, freshwater… good conditions finally… after almost dying in the heat of several empty islands.
With the wood and bark from the little forest and the sandstone I was able to have a campfire and made some sharp glass for the carving. with the little pond I was able to get unlimited water and with the campfire I had purified fresh water.
On my excursions I was able to kill some rats and spiders and that way build up some foodstockpile.
My biggest problem was the lack of sharp stones which I -more or less urgently- needed for a new shovel.
But of course… with the sandstones I was able to maintain one shovel for quite some time.
So now I had food and water for several more days. I was still concerned about the savety of my camp and about my weaponry and armory. My ridiculous moat consisted of only one single tile of seawater. One bogling and I am done…
Also the trees of my oasis were not save from any fire-elemental which might or might not show up and burn everything down for me being open for every kraken or bear to show up directly IN my watersupply.
I went hunting and got myself some bones and sinews for poles and strings. ….which I really needed °_° because almost every rat caused me some heavy bleeding. The leather was quickly crafted into some armors and the bleeding or low-health-time I spend hacking through one of my sandstonemountains.
In the end I got some luck and found a shale. I instantly made another shovel from it.
Right now my camp is in a good shape. Food, water broad moat and trees behind a deep seawater-moat.
Also a chest containing a whole lot of branches.
I already killed a hobgoblin and a kraken. So now I am a bit more experienced in fighting.
The next step -with which I already started- will be to locate and kill some living stones in the near surroundings. That way I got and will get sharp stones and also some limestone which I didn´t find in ANY of my sandstonemountains.
I hope some day I can find a world without trees and will be able to establish my base there as well 🙂