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2 more Questions:

1. I read a suggestion about having a more advanced chest with much higher space for stuff.
I totally agree and would like to add: In chests we would have the possebility to stack things and under certain conditions even food!

a. things: in chests they´ll never lose durability… or at least – now – only seldomly, so they can stack.
b. food could be stacked if the food with the lowest durability would be always on top so that I know the overall condition.

c. let´s combine the idea of b. with a. When you craft things CAN lose durability. -> Make it that if the durability of an item gets below 3 it drops from the stack.

That way the overview would be amazingly better 🙂

2. question: I would like to explore a bit. But I am afraid that I might be teleported to another map without wanting to. How can I be sure to not leave the current map? (I read some older postings… so I don´t know if that matter was already addressed until today.)

p.s.: Does the poisoneffect stack? Like… eating something bad… poisened… now eating all my potentially bad stuff… what could happen… I am already poisened 😉


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