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Hi, thx for answering me so fast 🙂

Yes, that is my big hope… that the mosters now will be a bit more normalized. Because every poison or bleeding would be my death… I didn´t fought much in the beginning (no cotton). So my talent went up without my fightingskills and even without much of an armor.

I had to hide myself in a mountain with a small (2 tiles) patch of shallow water in front and a door.
That worked until the fireelemental started to change the watertiles to swamp xD
But until then I was strong enough. So I guess I was lucky in an unlucky situation.

But I still have problems losing monsters (now because I can´t eat all of what their death provide me with ^^)… and I can only imagine it could become even harder in 2.0.

I love the idea with the pemmican which you will be able to eat without fat and a firesource. I have so many food… so it makes sense to craft pemmicans… but with the fast decaying fat it doesn´t. (Although I can´t really use the fat for torches anyway ^^).

I have a question… Can the mosters heal themselfes in 1.92 or in 2.0?
In 2.0 I would fear a hit&run-tactic… especially from ghosts. In the moment you CAN survive a fight with them… but are not able to KILL them…. you have a big problem.
Especially on an island without cotton and flowers xD