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Hmmm. So far, I’ve managed to create another container (basically a copy-paste of the wooden chest) and managed to build one and set it up.
Now I’m pretty sure that I need to alter the craftTable() function in wayward.js and add in something like:

    if(game.containerOpened.containerType === "craftingtable"){
        container = envItems[craftingTableContainerId].container
        for (var craftingTableItem = 0; craftingTableItem < container.items.length; playerInvItem++) {
            if (container.items[craftingTableItem]) {
                playerInvContent.push({type: container.items[craftingTableItem].type});

to ‘fool’ the crafting that the items that are in the craftingTable container should also be used for crafting.

The problem is that I don’t really know what ‘container’ looks like on the inside, and chrome won’t let be debug it because of reasons.
That is to say, I’ve been modding the files on your site up till now, and chrome won’t recognize the files after the change and so I can’t debug. But this is a stupid way to go about it anyway.
Is there an html version for download anywhere? I looked for one, but couldn’t find it…