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The Wayward wiki is your source for all things Wayward. It’s an open platform where anybody can contribute to. Want to know more about Wayward in general? Take a look at the About Wayward page. 

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The Wayward wiki is FULL of spoilers. As such, no spoiler warnings are noted throughout the wiki, as pretty much each page contains some amount of spoilers or revealing of certain aspects of the game.

Spotlight Wiki Pages

Help Me! ERROR! Documentation
Struggling in the game? Check out this handy survival guide to get your started. View Survival Guide Spotted a bug? Received the dreaded red error message? View Bug List In the effort to keep the Wiki updated and accurate, we have a newly created Documentation repository. It's not controlled via the wiki, but it will eventually replace most of it.
Changes The Team Share A Save!
Wondering what has changed in each released version of Wayward? View Changelog Wayward is built by many talented individuals. Take a look at who gets the most credit. View Credits Looking to see other players worlds? Want to share your own? View Saved Game States

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