Wayward Development FAQ

The following is a list of questions that we get A LOT. I thought it would help everybody out, especially new players, by keeping all the common questions in one place. I’ll also update this as needed.

Is multiplayer planned?

Multiplayer is coming in the next major release, beta 2.5! This was never originally planned, but I guess the saying is correct, “never say never”.

Why is the game so difficult?

Wayward is a traditional game in many ways. It hearkens back to hardcore roguelikes and RPGs of the past. A time when games did not tell you everything you needed to do or how to do it. There is several ways to solve any problem in the game (with more freedom and strategy coming in every update), it’s simply a matter of finding the solution. That being said, we understand that some players want to have a more casual play experience. We try to add in unique ways and opportunities for both sides of our playerbase to experience the game in the way they want to experience it. While we can’t please everybody, the hope is that eventually, we can satisfy most playstyles and players.

When will Wayward be out of early access?

When we, and the player base feel like it is ready for a full release. We have no set date for this. While it’s easy to lump Wayward in the category of “games that are in early access forever”, it’s important to understand it’s simply a label. Moving out of early access for us changes nothing – we will still continue to work on the game indefinitely.

We like to think of Wayward as a “slow-cooked” game, similar to that for Dwarf Fortress or UnReal World, games that have been in development for a decade or decades.

More early access questions/answers are available on the Steam store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/379210/Wayward/

How many people are working on the game?

There are currently four of us, many of us working part-time on the game; however, this fluctuates wildly (especially near the time of major releases). Wayward is not currently a full time job for any one of us. We are all hobbyist game developers. View the credits page for more up-to-date information: http://www.unlok.ca/credits-thanks/

Are NPCs planned?

This is another very common request we get. We don’t know the exact time frame for this, but NPCs will most likely start showing up in beta 2.6 or 2.7.

Why isn’t “X” in the game? Why doesn’t “Y” work like “Z”?

We have a huge todo and wishlist. We normally will set priority on what we want to do based on public response and feedback. Things that are suggested/complained/reported the most, will get fixed first. If the thing you want in the game isn’t in, it’s likely we just haven’t been able to get to it yet. View our todo list here: https://trello.com/b/PWX1Hpjn/wayward-todo

Will Wayward ever be available off of Steam?

We definitely want to make a DRM-free version and also would like to release the game on other platforms and services in the future; however, there’s no ETA on this.

Will Wayward get controller support, Steam achievements, and Steam trading cards?

Yes, yes, yes. All planned! This will likely all happen when releasing out of early access.

What can be modded?

Technically, everything with enough effort. Visit the Modding Guide for more information: https://github.com/WaywardGame/mod-reference

What is Wayward made with?

Wayward is written in TypeScript, and compiled down to JavaScript, which runs within Electron (via Steam). It uses such technologies such as WebGL (1.0/2.0), WebAssembly and HTML5.

When are major updates planned to release? What is in the next release?

We would like to release major updates once every 3-4 months ideally (after the last minor update), usually with smaller, faster updates following each major release. We have so far stuck to this schedule with every major release while on Steam. We have a completely transparent and iterative development process. If you want to spoil yourself on the what is coming up in the next release, view our Trello: https://trello.com/b/PWX1Hpjn/wayward-todo

I also stream development live from time to time (usually at least once a week) on my Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/drathy/

I started on an island with low or no resources. What do?

There’s many more islands to explore and swim to in your world. Southern areas on the map will always be the most desert-like. Try travelling north or northeast.

Is Wayward a roguelike, roguelite or roguelikelike?

Who cares? But if you do, Wayward currently meets 13 out of 15 of the rules presented in the Berlin Interpretation: http://www.roguebasin.com/index.php?title=Berlin_Interpretation and 12 out of 13 rules from the Temple of the Roguelike definition: http://www.roguetemple.com/roguelike-definition/roguelikeness-factors/

Take that for what you will, but I would consider that enough for Wayward to be considered a roguelike.

Is there any way I can help out on Wayward?

There’s plenty of ways! Here’s a few examples:

Help us spread the word and keep the community active! Why not make a mod? Follow and engage us on Facebook, Twitter, and Subreddit. Report any bugs and post your suggestions via the Steam Discussion forums, Reddit, or on Discord.