Better Save/Load from File

By Grom PE

Differences from the mod by Garet:

  • Saving doesn’t make the game throw an error, requiring to reload immediately after saving.
  • Adds the buttons in the main menu rather than options.
  • Load button asks for a file rather than showing additional file input.
  • Suggests locale-independent, prettier filename.
  • Works in Opera 12, with “default” filename, still better than nothing at all.
  • Instead of saving whole local storage, saves only actual game data.

The format is still the same, i.e. you can load your games saved by Garet’s mod.

Works On: Beta 1.6+
Download Mod


Warning: this modification no longer works on the current version(s) of Wayward. Help update it?

By Grom PE

Here’s a fairly advanced mod that I created in attempt to polish and improve the gameplay! For full experience, start a new game (suicide) after loading this mod. As it’s not yet possible to automatically load the mod, you’ll have to load it each time you start up the game.

I will continue to add things from time to time and improve the mod.

View the forum post to view all the changes contained within the mod.

Works On: Beta 1.6
Download Mod