Wayward Alpha 1.1 Released

It’s that time again! A new Alpha version has been released for Wayward!

As always, would love to hear what everybody thinks.

Check out the comment thread via Reddit. (posted in /r/roguelikes)

Changes in Alpha 1.1

  • Tons of bug and performance fixes.
  • More equipment, more items, more enemies, more sounds, more crafting, more environments.
  • Monsters now have corpses that can be carved for resources.
  • You can now rest with the bedroll.
  • Better support for lower resolutions.
  • Dialog/window positions now save on your browser.
  • You can now skip/wait a turn with the space bar.
  • There is now a static and unique map to explore, filled with dungeons and treasures.
  • There is a “win” scenario built into the game. Can you discover it?
  • Better combat functionality.
  • Projectiles and throwing.
  • Intelligence has been taken out – Hunger is in!
  • Random starting equipment.
  • Browser warnings for older browsers.
  • Temporary loading/title screen.
  • New character look 🙂
  • Hotkeys implemented.
  • Tool-tips enabled for items and crafting recipes for more information.
  • Much more…

Read more about Wayward on RogueBasin.

Wayward Alpha 1.0 Released

The very first public release is now out for your enjoyment and consumption!

Play it here: http://www.unlok.ca/wayward/

Some screenshots of what to expect:

Some of the initial features for this early release:

  • Tons of bugs, probably.
  • Infinite dynamically generated terrain and environments.
  • Skill and stat based character progression with attributes based on skills and equipment.
  • 5 monsters, 10 tiles, 10 crafting recipes, 5 environmental items, 35 items.
  • Usable/edible items with double clicking. Dig up items with the shovel. Eat mushrooms! Drop dirt over water!
  • Dropping/planting items with right clicking. Plant and grow mushrooms!
  • Environmental items that grow and spread; mushrooms, flowers, etc.
  • Monster combat and basic AI.
  • Resource gathering and a unique discovery crafting system.
  • Canvas/HTML5 gameport rendering with particle effects.
  • JQuery/JQueryUI based movable windows/interface with drag and drop capabilities for items and equipment.
  • SoundManager2 based sound effects and audio.
  • Minimap to help exploration.
  • Left hand is equipable.

Unnamed PHP/JS RPG Engine – Developer Log #1

Here I am showcasing work on my first game engine/framework, or whatever you want to call it. This is very preliminary as I am also learning JavaScript/JQuery as I go.

In it’s current form it’s a roguelike/RPG grid-based engine with resource gathering and movement-based monster movement (turn taking). This was before Wayward had a name.