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The following page describes Wayward as it existed in beta 1.9.2. For updated information, please view the new Wayward website.

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Wayward is a turn-based, top-down, wilderness survival roguelike currently in beta.

In Wayward, there is a large focus on simulation, survival and openness. There are no classes; there are no levels. Progression of your character depends on individual skill and stat gains by your interactions with items or objects in the world. You are free to play and explore the game in any fashion you wish.

Wayward is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, all modern web browsers and on most tablet/mobile devices via their corresponding web browsers.

Stylistically, Wayward hearkens to a 16-bit aesthetic in graphics and in sound. Game mechanics wise, the game is similar to the Ultima series, more specifically, Ultima Online, with inspiration from other roguelikes and roguelikelikes such as Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft.

Wayward will continue to grow, expand, and evolve over time to open up new modes of play, add depth and complexity, add content, and further refine the systems presented. In this public beta, you are free to come a long for the ride as we try to make this game a truly unique experience through our iteration and through your feedback.

Current Beta Features

  • 5 distinct environment types to explore – all generated procedurally.
  • Nearly 200 items to craft, discover and interact with.
  • Around 20 nasty creatures and animals to combat and harvest.
  • Sandbox game mechanics mixed with roguelike gameplay.
  • Deep, multi-faceted skill system.
  • Open-ended and open-world gameplay.
  • 10+ hours of content and gameplay before reaching the “end-game”.
  • Day and night system.
  • Preliminary modding support.
  • Iterative game design and community feedback driven.


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Press & Quotes

“…Wayward, a browser-based graphical roguelike with echoes of Ultima Online, Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft. Which means: Survival! Crafting! Treasure! An ace chiptune soundtrack! And lots of other things worthy of !s” – Tom Sykes (PC Gamer.com)

“…Wayward is fabulous – proving mechanics are everything, and graphics (while always lovely to look at) are secondary. Anyone who loves survivalist, sandbox, rougue-likes should at least give this a try. Just press “Space,” and prepare to get lost for many happy hours.” – lindairvine

“All crafting and survival buffs, just cross out the rest of your weekend now.” – Satori (JayIsGames)

“This is a surprisingly deep and engaging game for what it first appears on the surface. Been playing for over eight hours and it is hard to put down. Every time you think you’ve seen most of it, it turns around and surprises you with more. Endless recipes for new gear and survival equipment keep it wholly entertaining.” – Jaga

“Wayward absolutely nails the harsh and lonely atmosphere. The odds are stacked against you, so making any amount of progress feels like a real achievement. To truly master the inhospitable environment provides a compelling goal to work towards” – Phil Savage (May 2013 PC Gamer, US Magazine)

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Contact & Extra Information

  • Company: Unlok
  • Lead: Vaughn Royko
  • Release Date: TBA/TBD
  • Platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux/Browser
  • Price: TBA/TBD – Beta is donation-ware (free!)
  • Email: contact@unlok.ca
  • Skype: VaughnRoyko

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  1. Hello is there a way to beat the agme faster? It is hard to survive with such powerful mosters always on the attack. It hard to find the maps and even then its hard to have all the food and water you need every day. PLEASE HELP


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