Wayward Newsletter #4

Newsletter #4

Hey all,

We are pretty close to wrapping up beta 2.4! We are now working on the finishing touches, and will soon begin bug testing (as soon as we can get a stable development branch build). Stay tuned for more updates on that via our development discussion forum or via social media/Discord.

Beta 2.3 Postmortem

Beta 2.3 turned out to be our biggest major update to date, followed by some of the biggest minor updates as well, all the way up to beta 2.3.4. During this period, we were also developing the multiplayer update (which will most likely be beta 2.5 based on player feedback). Beta 2.3 introduced some highly requested features such as character customization, custom seeds, and more. A lot of the changelog in beta 2.3 focused on improvements, because we feel it is important to improve the game and fix bugs rather than just keep adding content. In beta 2.4, we are shifting this a bit in response and adding quite a bit of content this time around.

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Wayward Player Survey

Hey all,

During the major update development for beta 2.4, we thought we would take a moment to try to get some feedback from our playerbase. It’s probably not the best timing to get players to rate the game with the lull in updates, haha, but it should provide some useful data for us to think about. Just keep in mind that we normally require 3-4 months for the major (and massive) updates we do. More information on our development can be found here: http://www.unlok.ca/wayward-development-faq/

Survey Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdIKSwYgcZn3lktb-ZC5r8IpfQ7NU0ce_GSxQy7RWWmWheDwg/viewform

Stay tuned on our social networks for more updates and previews on beta 2.4 changes and updates!

Beta 2.3.4 Released

Hey all,

This week we have been busy tweaking new player interaction, improving UI/UX, and fixing some of the bugs in our backlog. Unless there is anything game-breaking that comes up, this will be the last minor patch in the 2.3 series. We are eager to get to work on some of the bigger features and additions in beta 2.4 (and also hopefully clear out our Bug Reports forum).

I’ve also just set up a beta 2.4 wishlist discussion thread and poll for everybody to take part in: http://steamcommunity.com/app/379210/discussions/0/1318836262657142382/

Have fun!

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Happy Wayward Anniversary!

Today marks the first anniversary of Wayward’s Steam debut. Of course, I, and now, “we” have been working on Wayward much longer than that; although, the exact start date and therefore real anniversary is a bit tougher to track down. So, let’s go with April 22nd, the new semi-official Wayward anniversary day!

Let’s take a look back at how far Wayward has come:

Now that’s some prime Wayward nostalgia! Is anybody interested in a commentated version of something like this?

We just released beta 2.3.3 yesterday and have already got started on 2.3.4, which will probably wrap the 2.3.x series up once released. Then, on to bigger and better things in 2.4! Stay tuned for our 2.4 wishlist discussion thread and poll coming up soon.

As always, we thank you for your continued support with our project and hope it continues to grow at a steady pace for years to come.

Happy Waywarding!

Beta 2.3.3 Released

We’re pleased tonight to release the third patch in the 2.3 series.

We have some pretty exciting stuff, including some brand new features and many improvements/balancing tweaks. We may have went a little overboard this week.

Some of these changes and additions may seem a bit odd for a minor patch, but they are actually part of our ongoing not-so-secret multiplayer testing that we are now actively developing for a future major release.

Have fun and continue reporting any issues!

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Beta 2.3.2 Released

It’s that time again! Patch night!

We’re coming at you with another minor patch in the 2.3.x series, this time focusing even heavier on bugs with some more improvements to last week’s item weight changes.

Our plan currently is to do these weekly minor updates until our priority list has been exhausted or we think it’s time to move on to working on beta 2.4. It’s looking like we will have a 2.3.3 and possibly a 2.3.4 as well at our current rate.

I’ve also had a few questions about the team and development schedule in general as of late, so I just wanted to clear some of those questions up:

Wayward is a hobby project, and all the development happens in our free time. It’s a big game with an even bigger todo list. We are constantly improving and adding to it and have no plans to stop that. Thanks for all the support ya’ll!

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Beta 2.3.1 Released

Hey all,

We have a small patch for you tonight with a handful of fixes and improvements. We are just getting started on the 2.3.x series of minor patches, but we wanted to get this one quickly as it includes some priority fixes for modders/modifications.

We have also reworked a lot of weight systems in the game – making sure items stick to their normal ranges, especially when we change things in between versions. Things were quickly getting out of hand, especially with all the iron changes recently.

You may also notice some “thanks” at the end of fixes. We have started keeping track and crediting bug reports. It’s no secret we rely heavily on the community for bug discovery. It makes sense to credit you all with finding any bugs. We have some additional ideas for this in the future as well.

Stay tuned for more!

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Beta 2.3 “Expression” Released

Beta 2.3 "Expression" Released

We’re happy to announce the release of Wayward beta 2.3 “Expression”.

Beta 2.3 marks the biggest major release to date, with over 180 additions, fixes, and improvements. And even then, we sadly couldn’t fit everything we wanted to put in due to time constraints.

Some bigger additions this release are:

  • Character customization with import/modding support
  • New game menu with seed selection/game name
  • Malignity is now “Reputation” with changes/improvements
  • New tilling and gardening changes
  • Spatial audio
  • Hand selection for gathering/combat

A lot of time was also spent developing a certain yet-to-be-complete feature which we kind have been teasing about in our Discord and in the last newsletter. Well, since somebody is going to find the references in the code sooner or later: multiplayer is now planned and in development. We can’t promise when this will be implemented, but it is coming… “soon”.

As always with major releases, we plan on supporting the 2.3 series with multiple faster patches and releases as the bugs/issues come in from the community.

Wayward is 15% off from March 31st to April 7th, 2017 on Steam, Humble Store, and our Website!

Happy Waywarding!

Full changelog below:

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Wiki Retired

It’s been quite awhile since the wiki on the site has been frequented, and even longer since it was updated. Instead of keeping up a large, out-of-date repository that sadly will probably not get much love at all, all of it has now been archived on a non-editable page here. Thank you to all that helped out with this project back in the day! Much of the need for it was hampered by the documentation being released for the old/free version of Wayward. Now with Wayward on Steam, there’s even less of a need for the older information. Regardless of the factors, we are also planning on ways to feature more of this information in the main game instead of needing external sources.

If you ever need additional help, some good places to ask would be on our Discord, on the Steam Discussions, or in the forum. You might also be able to get your questions answered on social media via Reddit, Facebook or Twitter.

Stay tuned for more news on beta 2.3!

Wayward Newsletter #3

Newsletter #3

Hey all,

Excuse the silence on the upcoming beta 2.3 as of late. We have decided to release these newsletters roughly in the middle of the wait for each major release for Wayward, instead of the original bi-monthly plan. We are still working hard on all the new planned changes, and even some yet-to-be-announced-ultra-mega-secret ones. More on that another time; let’s start it off with the postmortem on beta 2.2.

Beta 2.2 Postmortem

With beta 2.2, we saw the biggest major patch to date with close to 150 changes and additions. It wasn’t without its issues though, prompting a couple quick hotfixes and quicker patches after the release. We try to mitigate this as much as possible, but our resources are limited as always. We appreciate all the early access players coming along for the ride and helping us discover the bugs and help improve Wayward with suggestions.

We were pretty happy with the release overall, and players seemed to enjoy all the new goodies as well. There was a large focus on balance and new-player experience improvements in beta 2.2, as well as the subsequent minor patches. We would like to continue that trend with beta 2.3; however, we would maybe like to skew it more to the general improvements, bug fixes, and new additions side of things a bit more to keep the older players coming back for the major releases as well.

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